Marie Kondo:Spark Joy

I can not remember how I found out about Marie Condo. Was it Pinterest? Was it Googling Organization? Whatever it was it has 100% changed how I view the concept of “organized”.

My biggest Learning lessons from the Book Spark Joy by Marie Kondo

1. If it does not spark joy when you hold it. Let it go. We have donated over 12 bags to charity, and are still not done.

2. Do not hang on to things for fear of the past or future.

3. Hundreds of storage containers on your desk will not make you feel tidy or organized.

4. The less stuff you have the more you value what you do have. I used to never look at my hundreds of books. Now I have 10… and I look through them and read them all the time!

5. Stop bringing stuff home. Once I realized I had too much, I had no urge to buy or bring anything home! No more Home Sense Clearance hauls! 

6. If you have a hard time letting something go, but you want it to go… whisper “thank you” to it and send it on its way.

7. Folding your clothes in upright parcels, and caring for them, changes your wardrobe. Changes your life.

I wanted to give only snips of the lessons I have learnt so as to inspire you to get this book (on sale at chapters) and give it a try…. it is a change in your life, and takes a lot of time, but it has changed so much. I am so excited to finish the process! Feel free to msg me any Questions.


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