My Christmas Porch ($10 total!)

I’ll be home for Christmas. This will be our first Christmas as husband and wife! My husband will be home from his out of town job just in time for Christmas, and I want everything to be jolly! 

What I did: Total Cost $10

  • My Halloween pumpkin didn’t break down this year! Sometimes that happens. So instead of throwing it out I decided to paint it white and paint “joy” on it! The branch piece on top is from the dollar store ($1).
  • The pillows: I bought 4 table mats from the dollar store. I sewed two together for the little pillow, and then I sewed two together length wide for the long ones (I cut these ones open and stuffed them). Both are stuffed with ruffled news paper! Total cost $4
  • I had the rustic bench, chair, rustic bucket, mailbox, apple box, and burlap on hand!
  • I collected branches
  • My naighbour gave me a huge bundle of holly!
  • 2 bows from the dollar store ($1 each)
  • Camp lantern from the dollar store ($3)
  • Wood painted with chalk board paint and drawn on with white Crayon.

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