Makeup Wish List

I am in one of those Makeup Moods where I Want SO many products! But I am trying to remember “make do, or do without”, as I have way way wayyyyy too much makeup. So I thought I would do a little window shopping with my readers! I have done research on all of these products and want want want them!

Lipstick Wants: I am looking for a creamy slightly glossy lipstick in the warm neutral mauve range. I think I have found what I want in the NYX Butter Lipstick in ‘Pop’.


Eye Shadow Wants: I am looking for a one stop shop eye shadow that has a little bit of glam. I am starting to get very tiered of Matte Eye Shadow. I want an eye-shadow that can be worn all on its own, but still have an impact. I believe I have found it in the L’Oreal Infallible 24 Hour Eye-Shadow in Amber Rush.


Bronzer Wants: I have hit pan on my Hoola Bronzer, but do not want to commit to a new one, as it is expensive. What I do want, is the much more affordable NYC Bronzer in ‘Sunny’, as it is a good dupe for the cool tone bronzer, ‘Hoola’.




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