Social Advice  

Do you often feel  inferior in social situations? That feeling that the person you are talking to is so cool, or so pretty, or so comfortable…and then there is you. You worry do they think I’m ugly? Do they think I’m awkward? Do they think what I just said was stupid? Do they like me? If I say this will they think it’s cool? I can’t say that they won’t think it’s cool. I can’t say anything I don’t know what to say to these cool people.
Let me help you break free of that social chain that is hanging around you. What I am about to tell you is a complete GAME CHANGER, that will not only improve how you feel about your self in social situations, but will also drastically change how others see you.

Are you ready? Here it is.

Stop thinking “Do they like me” and start thinking “Do I like them”.

Stop making the horrid assumption that anyone is better than you. Women do this ALL the time. 

Before a social event, tell yourself…I am smart, funny, attractive… let’s see what kind of impression these people make on me.

When you adopt this mind set, you allow yourself to be yourself, not some doctored version of yourself.

When someone is truly themselves a comfortable confident vibe is sent to the people you are communicating with.they feel comfortable with you, they are attracted to your confidence, they like you more and more. 

This is meant as an exercise and practice to break a crippling self punishing habit.

Befor you know it, your self esteem will begin to repair and you  won’t need to say these things to yourself. You will simply know your worth and feel no need to always be holding up a skewed measuring stick in social situations. Think less about your impression and more about there’s. Who care what they think of you, what do you think of them.

Once that clicks, your guard comes down, and your natural personality comes through.

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