Beauty Secret

I haven’t shared a beauty secret in a while, so I thought I would share one now 🙂

Bex Crimper: this is an alternative to back combing!!! You don’t use it on your entire length of hair like a normal crimper, you use it at the roots where you would normally backcomb. 

It is a high quality tool, so it delivers excellent heat and a deep crimp. It is also applying heat to the healthiest part of your hair, so less  damage. If done correctly, it can also last for days! (Depending on how often you wash your hair)

How I use it: After crimping three layers in the spots where I want lift, I fluff it up with a brush. Next I give it a spray of Redkins lightest hold hairspray. 

Try it Out: next time you are at the salon, ask if they have one, and if they could style your hair using it. This is how I tried it, and subsequently knew I had to have it!


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