3 Ways to get your Insta Game On Point

3Ways to get your Instagram Game On Point.jpg

  1. Be Consistent: If I don’t post for 5 days, I easily lose 10 plus followers. If you post one picture a day you are sure to get more followers. Don’t post more than one (at most two) a day… it tends to look a little weird.
  2. Stay on theme: I am not good at this because creatively I move in ten directions at once. But if you want to get your game on point… choose a theme.  nature? cats? makeup selfies? This also applies to filters, try to stick to one filter. Followers  ‘like’ predictability.
  3. Hashtag: USE HASHTAGS! But pay CLOSE attention to these pivotal rules:     1. Never use hashtags in your description. Always write your hashtags in the comment section. It has to be the first comment, so make sure you add them right away.    2. Broken Hashtags are Extremely common. One broken hashtag will make all of your hashtags ineffective .  3. Once you post your hashtags, click one of them, and look in the ‘recent pics’. If your photo is there, then you are golden. If your photo is not there, then it means that one of your hashtags is broken. If you write your hashtags in your description, you can not fix this, even if you edit it, the photo will never show in the hashtags. If you wrote your hashtags in the comment, then you can keep deleting and rewriting the comment until you pick all working hashtags.

More tips to come!

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