Stocking Stuffers for your Girlfriend

Listen up men! Here is a fool proof stocking stuffer list that your gal will truly LOVE!


Set your budget before you start, and then go through this list and pick out what you like and what fits your budget.


  1. Lindt Chocolate… don’t waste your time with any other pretty chocolates on the shelf. Get the Lindt chocolate balls.main-qimg-6e6c4b4217dfb652ddb9a6fb4b096e12
  2. Mascara: Even the most earthiest most natural girls I know still (on occasion) wear mascara. So no matter who your gal is, she WILL use this. Also Mascara is something that ladies replace like 10 times a year, so even if she just got a new tube, she will be happy to have your pick on hand! I suggest you get “Cover-girl Super Sizer Lash Blast”, it is bright blue and can be found in the ‘Covergirl’ area of the makeup isle. The brands are at the top of each display. Get Black and make sure it is NOT waterproof.cg_super_sizer_mascara_3
  3. Lip Balm: Burt’s Bees lip balm, two come in a pack. IMG_1325
  4. Gloves: pick up a pair of those ever so simple knit gloves! Girls put them in their purses and use and lose them ALL the time! $1.25 at the Dollar storeCAJ423_6_l
  5. Hand Cream: Jergen’s makes a really nice hand cream! Get the mini size. Walmart $2.
  6. Nail Polish: OPI ‘William Tell them about” is a gorgeous holiday color that is a so on point. Chatters or London Drugs: $10 Or the brand ESSIE in the colour ‘Up’s’ for $8 at Shoppers Drugmart. d32034d576773a9f10ef45333877a297
  7. Protein Bars: The BEST protein bars out there are QUEST PROTEIN Bars.  Thrifties or Health Food Stores $3.50
  8. Bobby Pins and Hair Elastics: I know you literally vacuum up 10 of these a day and find them under every cousin…. but we honestly truthfully don’t have any left… you could give a girl a billion bobby pins and she will mange to lose every last one. so… we are always grateful for reinforcements. Dollar Store: $1.25
  9. Fluffy Socks: There is nothing better that ridiculously colorful and fluffy socks…. Dollar Store: $1.25
  10. Christmas Ornament: A guy giving his girl a special Christmas ornament is so special. Get one that means something to the two of you, like an inside joke, memory, or favorite movie. Walmart $5-$10
  11. Soap: Body Shop soaps are so pretty them look like litter smooth jewels! Lush also has nice soaps! $3
  12. Bubble Bath: Get a festive scent from Bath and Body! $9
  13. Bath Bombs: Lush has some really cool bath bombs, as does the Body Shop. $4
  14.  Starbucks Gift Card: Find out the exact amount of her favorite Latte and put it on the card. Write “Love you a Latte'” on it. $4.25
  15. Exfoliate gloves: These are absolutely wonderful and one of those things one never thinks to get themselves! Walmart $3.50
  16.  Beauty Blender: If your girl likes to wear makeup, pick her up a Quo beauty blender from Shopper Drug-mart for $5. Your girl will be SO impressed you knew about beauty blenders! This are another thing that girls replace all the time.
  17. Eye Shadow: Again, if your girl wears makeup, Wet and Wild eye shadow in the colour ‘Walking on Egg Shells‘ is fail proof! Everyone LOVES it! $3.99 at Rexal or other drugstores.
  18. Body Butter: The Body Shop makes great body butter! They smell SO GOOD! Usually $20, but they are on for $10 right now! Click

19. Tea: There are so many nice teas out there, David’s Tea makes pretty canisters of single tea packs for $15.

20. Scratch and Wins: Scratch and wins are Always fun! Pick out the Christmas themed ones! Gas Station: $1


Pro Tip:

Wrap EVERY SINGLE thing you put in the stocking, it makes it more fun to open!

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