Simmer Pots: Cozy Fall Scent

Make your house smel like Cozy Fall!

The rain is coming down, the skies are getting dark, and the air is turning cool. Time to make our homes as cozy and comfy as can be!

I like to reach all five senses when decorating for a season, which is why I love seasonal simmer pots! These work great over low heat on your stove, in open crock pots, or even in essential oil candle heaters!

Make your house smel like Cozy Fall!(2)

Simmer: Cozy Fall Scent

This recipe makes your home smell SO COZY and inviting! You can smell this yummy scent in every room, even in a large home with two floors!

-2 Cups of Water

-2 rounded Tsp of Pumpkin Pie spice

-Thin apple slices One Apple

-1 rounded Tsp of Cinnamon

-Peel of One Lemon

-Juice of  One Lemon

-Large Pan or Pot

Add All ingredients into a Large Pan and simmer over Low Heat!



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