Kids: Dinner Time

Kids (2)

Gordon Ramsay has said that it is a great idea to get your children involved in the making of dinner. As most adults are wary of young children chopping or frying, the job of setting the table has always been the old go-to for the younger members of the family.

Not only is setting the table an great opportunity to teach children new life skills, but it is also an excellent opportunity to help them  cultivate an appreciation and eye for ambiance and decor!

Note: Have you ever noticed that through history many ‘boys’ toys’ and activities lack esthetic creativity and fail to embrace those important life style skills that many girls toys celebrate. I think that it is especially important to encourage little boys to take part in decorating and arranging, as it will help them gain confidence in these abilities later in life!

Over the last few months, we have been asking the little kids to set AND decorate the table, and the results have been fabulous!

Here is a picture of the table setting that my 8 year old nephew put together! I think the individual stems of lavender are SO SWEET and unique!


As the youngest of five children, I was the perfect person to have the ‘very big’ and important job of setting the table. Not only would I count out the knives and forks, arrange plates in front of chairs, and line up water glasses, but I  would also choose a table cloth, pick out tall colorful candles, fold pretty floral napkins, and maybe even grace the table with  a flower from the front lawn! My tables always dressed to impress (or so everyone told me). Today I love setting tables, and take a lot of pride in my decorating.

Here are a few of the tables that I have set recently!

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